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FAQs & Kudos

What kind of style do you build your homes

There are many styles and we strive to build your home in conjuction with any restriction in the commmunity you are located.

If you are in a freehold than we can build any style ie Contemporary, Tuscan, Craftsman etc etc.

Should I buy the land before we build?

If you have that option we would suggest consulting with us first as we have our ear to the ground regarding land that is available before being open to the general public.

What type of things can I do to help reduce the cost?

There are things you can do to reduce the cost. You can buy a set of plans that provide a basic framework. You can also assist in the build however we strongly advise against this as we have our own very high standards and unless your a professional in the home building business or a skilled tradesman then best to leave it to the professionals.

Is a custom house more expensive than a pre-built?

Remember that custom does not necessarily mean luxury. You can have very luxurious pre-built homes and luxurious custom homes. Our custom howmes are built to exactly what you want from a home - that makes a big difference. Mind you, you don't want to build a custom home that is so custom the you will have trouble selling it in the future (something we mention all the time)



Pleasure to work with these guys. Clear and informative instructions made it a breeze to build with them
Ann A.General Contractor
The house was beyond my wildest dreams and I thank them for being patient with me and listening to my suggestions
Jimmy B.Happy Customer
These guys know what they are doing particularly when it comes to great investment possibilities
Suzy H.Realtor